Virtually best industrial training

Train without location and time limitation – interactive training in virtual reality for industrial sectors. 

Totally risk free, see an example below.

About vReact

vReact is a game-like training solution for the industrial market. It’s based on high-fidelity digital twins of real-life objects and allows you to train all kinds of procedures and even emergency scenarios in a 3D environment just like in real life. 

vReact - 3D | VR training

How to use vReact?

With and without VR goggles

vReact is ready to use with virtual reality goggles but you can use it also with the mouse, keyboard, and traditional PC monitor. 

PCs requirements

vReact is highly optimized. It can run even on mid-end computers with standard GPU. 


vReact can be used as a streaming service on any kind of device. We can stream whole, functional training to your PC, tablet, smartphone, or even VR goggles. What is worth mention, we can do it worldwide.

vReact - field operator training

vReact is designed for

Field & process operators

No matter if you are an operator of the industrial plant or a single machine, vReact helps you with training of any kind of procedures.

Firefighters and rescue teams

Emergency or catastrophic situations are very hard to handle. Prepare your team to be ready for anything. 


Check, plan or audit the machine or whole industrial plant. It is easier with unlimited access to high-fidelity digital twins offered with the vReact solution.

Ready for following sectors​

Single Machines
vReact - 3D | VR training

Why use vReact?

Increase safety

Safety is directly related to the competence and skills of employees. Better training increases safety.

Less downtimes

Unplanned downtimes are in great part caused by the human factor. Systematic training reduces the chance of mistakes that cause downtimes.

Less emergency events

Improving employee’s qualifications have a direct impact on their own safety and the safety of the environment. Virtual reality training gives the opportunity to gain good habits for daily work.

Faster learning

Virtual reality training gives unlimited access to training, not restricted by location or time. Additionally, users can learn without any overseers of experienced staff, totally risk-free.

Easy to implement

VR training is easy to use by a new generation of employees. People are choosing this kind of training over traditional, it’s effective and easier to understand.

Lowering costs

Due to better-trained personnel, we can expect fewer downtimes and accidents. Faster and more accurate training will also lower of preparing your staff to work. 

vReact - Space3ac

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